December 20, 2021

Why You Should Pivot Into A Post-COVID Career In Mobile Gaming

It’s no secret that the job market, both in MENA and all over the world, is rocky. Unexpectedly losing their jobs and businesses, people have been left with career confusion and challenges. As we plan for post-COVID, many will find themselves pivoting into new careers and industries that have proven resilient. One notable area of potential is the mobile games industry.    

Careers in mobile gaming come with exciting opportunities and stimulating learning curves. In the MENA region, mobile gaming is a high growth market with tons of untapped potential. In this article, we’ll touch on some pressing reasons why you should consider pivoting into a post-COVID career in mobile gaming. In doing so, we’ll also dive into some related Tamatem insights.

The Opportunity To Work In What You Know

Contrary to popular belief, a career in the mobile gaming industry is not exclusive to mobile game aficionados only. Most mobile game companies hire full stack in-house teams to build cross-functional departments that operate under one roof, meaning there’s something for everyone. From marketing to UX to product management, and even HR, the industry hires all kinds of talent. While there will be an onboarding and training period at first, landing a job in mobile gaming using your current expertise is not far off.

Some career opportunities offered by mobile game companies can be unexpected. If you think your current career is completely unrelated to mobile gaming, look twice. For example, being a MENA-centric mobile games publisher, Tamatem focuses on localization efforts. As such, we’re always on the lookout for talented translators who can spearhead our game localization processes. At first thought, translators might not ever consider a career in mobile gaming, but it can be a lucrative opportunity that is specific to existing skills. 

Upbeat, Fast-Paced & High Growth Environments

Regardless of your specialization, a job in the MENA mobile game industry can push your career in many exciting directions – the sky’s the limit. Since the MENA mobile gaming market is still emerging, many game publishers, developers and designers in the region operate with a start-up culture. This makes for fast-paced working environments and high growth-high calibre networking opportunities. 

At Tamatem, we have managed to maintain the upbeat work environment that excites our team and propels our growth to this day. We build interdepartmental systems that allow our team members to dip their fingers in unfamiliar areas. We cultivate our team members’ existing talents while pushing them to learn and explore new ones so that every day is exciting. The nature of the industry will definitely steer you into learning new things you may not have expected to.

An Industry On The Rise

Taking a quick look back at the pandemic’s impact on mobile gaming, it’s safe to say that the industry has proven itself to be resilient. During a time where business losses and closures were the common occurrence, mobile gaming has been on the rise, making it a great job market to enter. Pivoting into a more reliable industry with high growth potential, such as mobile gaming, is more crucial than ever. Looking into industries on the rise will enable those navigating the current job market to make more informed career decisions.

As MENA’s biggest game publisher, we’ve experienced a hiring spurt over the course of the pandemic – that alone is testament to the growth Tamatem saw during the past year or so. We’re always on the hunt for experts in their fields to join our growing team and push forward our mission. If you’re interested in pivoting into an exciting new career, the mobile gaming industry is what you’re looking for.

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